Saturday, September 13, 2008

SG Vision, Mission and Objectives

We decided to launch our Mission Statement about SG. We always trying to improve our store to fullfill the needs of our customer. Even though we're still a baby in this industry, we will take try our best to offer more products, promotions and freebies to you.

ScrappingGlitz's objectives
To indulge and share our passion of scrapping and fraternise with fellow hobbyists on a larger scale whilst offering a diverse range of products.

ScrappingGlitz's vision
Our businesses stem from our passion and love for the art of scrapping.At SG, we have class and style. We embrace our strengths and focus on what we can offer. Our vision is to win the respect of those we're dealing with, the prospects that we're talking to and become a winner in the eyes of everyone that we deal with whilst running our business in an honest and ethical manner

ScrappingGlitz's mission
To provide the best quality products from a diverse range of brands.

To share ideas and passion with fellow scrapbookers/scrappers.

To grow into a social scrapbooking site which offers products, ideas, and classes for fellow hobbyists.

To provide quality and personalized customer service to fellow scrappers/customers.

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