Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Something for everybody before i go

I couldn't help it...this just came sooooo nice..

Fly Fly Away

Dear frens, i will be out of town for my "umrah" trip and will be back on the 7 June. Meanwhile, take care and stay tune for more updates on ScrappingGlitz after the 7 June. Till then take care...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Countdown to Opening - Day 6

Something came in this morning...the one who is really excited is Qawiem, my eldest son. Mama, can i help you? I know what to do...i take everything upstairs for you farney... Here's the sneak peak for today..

ScrappingGlitz is proud to announce our talented Designer Team for the first term!

Jaz Lee

Jaz Lee is a Kedah born Malaysian who’s currently residing in Singapore with her husband and 3 crazy adorable kids. She has been scrapping for the past 2 years and loves every moment of it.

According to Jaz,” I don't have a definite style,but if I have to describe it,I would say it’s a "beautiful mess".I like to clutter up the page with papers and embellishments into one organized piece. And I always feel it’s exhilarating to have the freedom to greet each piece of work as a challenge, to think up new ideas and be as creative as I possibly can.”

I really value her reasons for joining my team – “I’d like to join ScrappingGlitz as a DT as I hope to spread the love and faith of scrapbooking through my work and as I learn along the way,I hope to inspire fellow scrappers out there and similarly be inspired by all of you.”

Her current DT work:
· (DT to commence september2008)

Her previous DT terms:

If you want to check out her personal blog, you can locate her at

Jaz’s amazing work can be found in the following publications:
· 1 Birthday Card picked by Stamping & Papercraft Magazine- in print 2008(Issue 13/07)
· 1 LOVE Card picked by Stamping & Papercraft Magazine-will be in print 2008
· 1 Love YOU MOM Card picked by Stamping & Papercraft Magazine-will be in print 2008
· 3 Layouts picked by Scrapbooking Memories-will be in print 2008
· 1 Layouts picked by Scrapbooking Memories-in print 2008(Vol9:No10)
· 1 Album picked by Scrapbooking Memories-in print 2008(Vol9:No10)
· 4cards picked by Stamping & Papercraft Magazine-will be in print 2008
· 4 Layouts picked by RSC Ezine-will be in print 2008

Hayati Tajudin

Yatie hails from Kedah, Malaysia and is a mother of a 5 year old girl. She loves creating beautiful stuff out of nothing. She also does a a lot of beadwork that it has become a business for her. Currently, she’s fallen in love with scrapbooking. While, she’s still new in this area, she’s excited and knows that there is lots more to learn. She definitely hopes to learn fast!! Currently she’s in the designer team for Scrappingville.

Check out Yatie’s personal blog at

Yatie’s interests include beading & embroidery, surfing the internet, travelling, building jigsaw puzzles and dabbling in the Sims History.

She loves watching Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Harry Potter movies among others and listens to to most types of music except alternative underground and rap music...Yatie claims she just doesn't know how to appreciate them!!

When it comes to books Yatie’s nose can be found buried under such titles as the Harry Potter series and books by authors Judith McNaught, Julia Quinn, Jeffrey Archer among others.

Great to have you ladies!

Countdown to Opening - Day 5

Another order came in today but i have yet to have time sort things out. Slept at 5am this morning after finalizing my DTs and Saturday shipment. Huh! Lots of things to do... I will be out of this blog for about 2 weeks....leaving for Umrah trip this Wednesday. Good news for website is almost ready. Maybe i could view it tomorrow...Yippeee!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Countdown to Opening - Day 3

This is what came it today...woohoo..2 shipment together. My house now look like a warehouse...full of scrapbook kids is enjoying this!!

Countdown to Opening - Day 2

I'm still busy with last nite shipment and yippeee...another big shipment coming tomorrow - my favourite brand. I'm glad it passed thru custom without any problems. I will give a little sneak peek tomorrow - just to teased u girls. Hehe..

Friday, May 23, 2008

Countdown to opening - Day 1

I received my first order today…its quite exciting actually. I guess for any kind of business, when u begin to receive your stocks. you get a little excited and nervous. Excited because everything suddenly seems news and then there's also the nervousness of the ability to sell the product. Frankly i really like them all. I hope my client will feel the same. I hope to receive more stuff next week. Here's the sneak peak of what we've ordered. Adios

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why we are here?

Scrapbooking is beginning to gain momentum in Malaysia. Once unheard of, now more and more people are gaining interest in this unique art of memory preservation and we are excited to be a part of this scrapping revolution.

ScrappingGlitz came into play after we realized that there were not many local scrapbooking suppliers and resources in Malaysia and supplies almost always had to be brought in from abroad. Furthermore, demand for ready made scrapbooks were on the rise as orders started pouring in from friends and family. It was a wonderful idea to set up my own online store.

ScrappingGlitz would like to position itself as a one-stop-centre for scrappers in Malaysia. A place where they would be able to chill out in the comfort of their homes and place orders by the click of the mouse, reassured by the fact that they can only expect the best products, quality goods, fast delivery and excellent service from us.

So you may ask, why shop with us? What makes me different from the other online scrapper stores? Well, besides all of the above, we genuinely care about the art of scrapbooking and the best part of this passion is that it provides use with a wonderful opportunity to be able to share ideas and creativity that we hope we will inspire others to do the same.

Whilst the online store’s primary goal is to be able to offer unique and original designs on scrapbooking products, supplies and services, ScrappingGlitz also aims to offer free creative advice to customers as a value added service and to make their time and money spent at ScrappingGlitz well worth their time.

We am also excited at being able to have the opportunity to create awareness and interest in the scrapbooking arena by offering classes on scrapbooking.

We guess what we’re trying to say is that you won’t regret your time spent with us at ScrappingGlitz

So come on and step into my world of creativity and see for yourself the endless possibilities it can offer to yours too…and I do hope you enjoy the ScrappingGlitz experience.

Insyaallah our store will be ready on 15 June 2008. Hope to see you there

Nadhrah & Ruslina