Monday, September 1, 2008

Dispelling the myths

People talk about products and services. The stuff they use every day and what they buy or plan to buy or what they’ve already bought. Some people are talking about me and what I’m selling right now. Which is a good thing, then I know for sure ScrappingGlitz’s presence is felt.

But I don’t really appreciate the misinformed talk…you know, I started this business from scratch and it involved lots of passion and hard work, so it’s disheartening to listen to misconceptions on the way business is run at ScrappingGlitz.

Like it or not, I’ve only two choices: let people talk about SG, spread rumors, and get it wrong; or clarify things and make it work for me.

So here I am clarifying, by clearing up some misinformation that’s been circulating of late. Here are some questions you may want answered…

Is it true that ScrappingGlitz’ postal charges are higher compared to other online scrap stores?

Yes and no! I’m wishing really hard that people wouldn’t compare local postal delivery with the service of a courier company, it’s like comparing an apple to an orange. I chose more reliable courier company as I have more control over timelines and delivery quality to customers.

Is it true that ScrappingGlitz doesn’t have a diversed range of products?

Brace yourselves fellow scrappers, when I say that this is indeed true!!! I hate the word ‘kiasu’. So we don’t always bring in the same products as other stores neither do we have the complete and absolute range. SG strives its very best to be uniquely diversed. We are not wannabes as we respect our fellow online scrapper stores out there. We are not out to compete directly by selling the same products.

SG products are different in a sense that for a two month old business, we already have in our store a whopping 29 brands! If that isn’t impressive enough, we bring in new stock on a weekly basis and we’re always on the lookout for fresh new products.

And we would never resort to such act of tarnishing their reputation or badmouthing them since we all know our businesses stem from our passion and love for the art of scrapping.

At SG, we have class and style. We embrace our strengths and focus on what we can offer. We’re hoping we will win the respect of those we’re dealing with, the prospects that we’re talking to and become a winner in the eyes of everyone that we deal with.

And of course, we LOVE the fact that we’re not simply out to make quick big bucks, but to indulge in our passion and fraternise with fellow hobbyists. It’s fun to be able to share the same passion on a larger scale.

So here’s what we’re going to do.We’ll continue running our business in an honest, friendly and ethical manner and let our customers decide who they want to do business with.

We’re also very open to customer suggestions so if you think our store should have a certain something, I’d be delighted if you told me exactly what you’d like to see up for grabs at SG.
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From the bottom of my heart, I apologize if anyone is offended but I merely wanted to clear the air and defend SG, my labour of love. Peace and happy scrapping. Thanks for all your supports and I truly appreciate them.

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samantha tan said...

Wow 29 brands. A lot more than what I have seen in other shops.