Monday, July 27, 2009

Wedding Album - Nana Era

When i got the call from an announcer of local radio station -, i was excited and thrilled because she was interested to get her wedding pictured scrap! It took me almost a week to finally decided what kind of concept i should do for her as all of you know, i generally do not repeat my layouts. I must say i felt sooooo relieved and happy when i passed the complete album to her today..... and she like it! Nana, thank you for the opportunity and i'm excited that you really like my work.

You can preview the full slideshow here.

Hope you all like it too!


Asmahani said...


What a lovely , brilliant album. Love every page.

Tira said...

hi,im interested in it la..
so how ek?

Kak Long said...

well done sis !!!

kak Long