Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scrapbooking Bug Among Us

I love scrapbooking. I started scrapbooking about 2 years ago and i enjoyed ever since.

But once I tried it, I was completely hooked! So many of my friends tell me they just don’t get the whole scrapbooking craze. And my answer to them is, “then you’ve never scrapped a page. Get back to me when you do.” Cuz let’s face it… once you’ve scrapped one page, the scrapbooking bug is with you forever. And the only way to get rid of that itch is to just scratch it.

One other things that i really treasure is meeting other it my local customers, my overseas customers or even my counterpart whereever they are.

Today, I had a great oppportunity meeting a talented scrapper who is also a mum , running a scrapping business in NSW, Australia. It was arranged by my dearest Lili and we all sat together chatting, exchange ideas, taking pictures and lunch!

She was here for a short vacation with her friend Joanne. Kelly sells Kaisercraft scrapbooking and craft products, called ‘From A Mothers Art’. She is also a fully trained and qualified scrapbooking counsellor. You can view here wonderful piece of art at her blog.

Kelly Ann
Lili Sulastri
Latest Mini Album from "Minibooks Diva - Shahrul"
Starbucks Mini Album - courtesy of "Minibooks Diva - Shahrul"
New Talented Scrapper - Mazlina
Finally i have the "Minibooks Diva - Shahrul" picture!

Her Cat Mini Album
Lovely creations from Azlina
Thank you all for the great time!

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Mazlina said...

thanks for coming, nadhrah!! perut besar2 pun u mai jumpe we all.. :) nice chatting with scrappers like us.. hope we can arrange some crop session or tutorial soon!!!

p/s: i just remembered u hutang i kaiser robot paper 2 pieces!! lupa la nak remind u.. save them for me keh!