Monday, November 3, 2008

Shopping Bazaar by Scrappingglitz and Jules

Jules 's Creation is created by wonderful friend of mine and she's doing everything under the word "lovely". I extract this form her blog

JulesMD is the overall big picture of all Jules products. Within JulesMD itself, there lie my little passions which complement and solidify the whole Jules Brand.As a start, JulesMD has created unique handmade cards for festive greetings and all occasions. A lot of creativity and precious time are passionately put into these one-of-a-kind cards. You will find that these heartfelt creations are truly worth their price.JulesMD also houses all other what-nots that I create.

JulesCommunications provides PR and Writing services.PR by JulesCommunications include small scale events for 2-250 persons, which cover the whole shabang from planning, managing and after-event followups. All events are uniquely tailormade to enhance the client's individual style and image, be it for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. For as many as 250, I can create custom handmade invites and thank you cards. And specially for the event, all stationeries involved, ie. letterheads, envelopes, memorabilias, accounting documents, can be uniquely created. No 2 clients will ever have the same design. That's how serious JulesCommunications is when it comes to unique and exclusive tailoring.Writing by JulesCommunications cover business and creative aspects. Business writing may include directories, speeches, messages, profiles, research, reports. Creative on the other hand would include ads, promos, greetings and leisure.JulesCommunications ensures quality and exclusivity, and fees are definitely worth the price.

This is another yummy!JulesDelightfulness offers sweet and savoury delights for all palettes.My favourite picks this season are Jules Biscotti, Sweet Meringue, Sugee, Tempe Crunch and Cheese Sticks. These favourites come in attractively designed tins that make cherishable keepsakes. JulesDelightfulness yummies are very reasonably priced.JulesDelightfulness also creates simple cakes for special events, ie simple butter cakes with simple frosting decoration. What they may lack in prettiness, they do make up in tastefulness! But I do know one very cute person who makes lovely, lovely, lovely, pretty, pretty, pretty cakes and cupcakes, things that I can only dream of creating...she's "In A Wiz"... catch her loveliness at

Yummy yumm yumm! These are my ultra fudgy, irresistably delicious, sinfully chocolatey homemade brownies!They come in a 9inchx9inchx2inch square size, at an adorable price of only RM40.00 each. Though I don't finish them with any chocolate or vanilla frosting, they are lovingly sprinkled with fine sugar icing to add to the already irresistable charm. I personally feel that frosting will kill the natural Fudyliciousness of my brownies. But, for special occasions, I do embelish my Fudgyliciousness with strawberries and M&Ms, and for birthdays, I place a simple "Happy Birthday" sign and provide the right number of candles.My Fudgyliciousness are placed lovingly on an attractive serving plate, placed in a cake box, accompanied by a practical plastic cake knife, then traditionally tied with my signature polka dot ribbon.My fudgy may not be pretty, but they are sure tasty!Buon Appetito!

Aaaa...this is very dear to my heart!JulesPreciousness is an inspiration from my greatest treasures in this three goons! Cat-In-The-Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2, a.k.a. Esfahan, Damascus, Marrakesh.For its debut, JulesPreciousness will feature charming linen closet items for children. They include towels, blankets, sleeping mat, sleeping mat covers and pillow cases. I've personally designed them, and will come in a few style ranges. Yup, you guessed it! They are Esfahan, Damascus and Marrakesh. And for the girls' range, my elder 2 nieces, Medina and Sophia.JulesPreciousness should make its first appearance in December 2008, hopefully before Christmas, and just in time to bring in New Year joy!

This time we are doing something together ... a little party for all ladies to enjoy themselves with yummylicious food, shopping and scrapbooking!!

Please do join us 0n 15th November 2008 at 11am!

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