Monday, July 14, 2008

LO for today

I'm sooooo in loved this paper when I first saw it. The whole range from Luxe Sarong Collection is gorgeous but this one paper just called to me - and I am not a green fan by any stretch of the means. I just itched to cut it out, but for the life of me could not work out what to do with it. It sat on my desk for a week whilst I stared at it - willing it to tell me what to make of it.

Funny how inspiration can elude you at times. Finally i crunch it tonight - it had to be done. I flipped through the mags - nothing - looked at a couple of blogs - nothing - went through my computer files of things of interest - nothing. A big fat nothing. Oh i hate that

So I sat there with the damn piece of paper on my desk - staring at it. And finally, I got a glimmer of what I could do. And then funnily enough, it all fell into place at once. I wanted to keep as much of the pattern as possible - but also make a feature of the gorgeous flowers in the pattern. So I made a wide square frame out of it - with the flowers that protruded out of the edges cut out to leave them whole. I glitzed all the flowers - of course - and they really look gorgeous.

This range of papers can be found at Scrappingglitz along with a heap of other yummy goods. Do check them out!

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